Good Luck

Officially launched in 2011, GoodLuck is an award-winning, chart-topping live electronic band from Cape Town, South Africa. While their genre-bending sound is rooted in their homeland, with the rhythms of Afrobeat, Afro house, tribal music and African drums lining their songs, GoodLuck’s sonic style is defined by a modern electronic edge with international crossover appeal and subtle influences from genres as varied as electronica, jazz and beyond. GoodLuck’s high-energy live shows are redefining the possibilities of live electronics and reviving the lost art of songwriting and storytelling in electronic music. Their pioneering tech setup, which features drum machines, synthesizers, electronic percussions, saxophone and vocals, allows them radical improvisation and flexible instrumentation in each unique performance. Since first hitting the scene, GoodLuck have come to dominate the national and international charts. Collectively, the band has amassed: nine #1 radio hits in South Africa; certified iTunes hits in Europe (with “Taking It Easy”); more than 500 performances around the world; and massive streaming numbers, including +15 million Spotify plays and +12 million YouTube views. The band’s first international release, “Back in the Day” (Armada Music), exploded on Spotify, while their breakout track “I’ve Been Thinking About You” (Ultra Music) became an international hit, with the latter reaching #1 on radio charts across South Africa and becoming the most played song across all Top 40 stations in the country for the month of June 2016. Their recent single “Be Yourself” released on the band’s own Get Lucky Records imprint, has received massive radio support across Europe. Their newest track, “Chasing Dreams” (Armada Music), is a sonic dreamscape built on breezy grooves, upbeat melodies and empowering lyrics.

Prijs voor particulier evenement:1500
Prijs voor bedrijf:2500 ex. BTW